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I cannot stress how important it is to keep your perishable food untainted and frozen. A few years ago one of our campmates had blood from a thawing raw steak leak into the ice in his one and only cooler, and come into contact with his beer bottles got contaminated. A day or so later he and his girlfriend drank beer and got the runs. There's never a good time to have the runs, but at Burning Man, with porta potties.... you couldn't get much worse.

Here are some suggestions:

Burning Man - Camp Arctica (Ice camp):

Camp ArcticaCamp Arctica sells Ice at Burning Man. (Ice and coffee are the two things that you can buy at BM). Arctica are always looking for volunteers and you get a free bag of ice and often other gifts for each shift. They also have a tip jar and at the end of the shift you can opt to join in the split. If you are hauling ice, it is strenuous work but they also need people to work the cash register, etc. NOTE: I believe that if you join Arctica and sign up early and commit to work a minimum number of hours, they have a small number of openings for "staff" - and with this commitment they will cover your ticket.

Ice will sold in three locations

Hours will most likely be

2017 Update!

Prices have gone up for the first time in many years:

BYOCAlso (I digress) when in Center Camp - Coffee:

Please try and Bring Your Own Cup (BYOC) - there will be an express line for those who bring their own cup. Write your name (and drink choice if you always drink the same thing) on the cup or attach a label - this all speeds up the process and makes life much easier for the volunteer staff.

Hope this helps!


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